8 Day Ecoturism Tour Turkey


Welcome to Turkey! If you would like to discover the real Turkey then this tour is for you. Turkey is rich in natural beauty and outside the major cities you will get to visit a way of life that is as traditional as Turkey could be. On this tour you will visit the natural villages of Turkey and get to see the natural beauty of Turkey. There are great opportunties to get involved with the villagers and their way of life. You get to sample many of the locally grown natural fruits, nuts and berries as well as eat and drink just like a local. This tour is our highlight of our Eco Tours. We highly reccommend this tour to anyone who wants to discover the real Turkey. The villages that we visit are not full of tourists anda re off the beaten track. This is a very new destination and you will be made very welcome.

Day 1 : Ankara to Amasya
Dinner Included

Pick up from Ankara Airport and depart for Amasya. A little about Amasya: In Amasya, one can see the remnants of the Hellenistic, the Roman, the Byzantine, the Seljuk, the Ilhanli, and the Ottoman civilizations, as well as many important remains belonging to the first years of the Republic of Turkey. The museums of this historical city contain cultural treasures, from many civilizations. Amasya is endowed with historical and cultural opulence, and the city is also very rich in natural beauty. The thermal springs around Amasya are very famous. Amasya Yaliboyu Houses are the best remaining of Ottoman architecture. These buildings usually have two storeys and they are now being restored by a foundation called AKTAV. (The Foundation of Protecting Cultural and Natural wealth). Amasya is also famous for its apples, cherries, peaches and okra. If you would like to enjoy the beautiful nature within the city's deeply rooted cultural tradition, then Amasya is one of the most exciting places for you. Here, our friendly people will welcome you. Dinner and overnight in Amasya. 


Day 2 : Amasya - Turhal - Zile
Breakfast and Dinner Included

After breakfast, you will depart from Amasya to Turhal and Zile. In the 3rd century B. C., the region was occupied by the contingents of Alexander the Great's Macedonian army, but many insurrections had also taken place in this era as the Macedonian occupiers couldn't build up a total control on the region. Today we will visit a local orchard depending on the season we visit Cherry Orchards, Apples, Grapes and Pears. This area is extremly famous for its fruit and you will get the opportunity to taste some of this excellent naturally grown fruit. All fruit grown here is organic and you we certainly taste the difference !! In the evening we will arrive at Cakir Cali Koyu we will have diner with the local people in the village houses. Dinner and overnight in Cakir Cali. 

Day 3 : Cakircali Village
Breakfast and Dinner Included

Free day in theVillage. The best choice to see a natural village in Turkey! Cakircali village was a village with only 80 houses. However there are now only 25 houses in this village because of migration to big cities. The village is small and nice sitting between high mountains where you will see the fight between people and nature by seeing fields, forests, canyons and some similar places where the natural atmosphare did not yet changed. Besides that you will notice the hospitableness of the people who live there. We hope you will get to see a traditional village wedding ceremony. These ceremonies, last a good a few days, with many foods and drinks, various kind of instruments and different local dances. There is a possibility that there will be village festivals during your time here which is a great opportunity to see how the local people enjoy themselves. We will have dinner at the traditional houses with one floor suitable to village life and lodging there. Dinner and overnight in Cakir Cali. 

Day 4 : Cakircali Village - Visiting Farm People
Breakfast and Dinner Included

Today is the day to see field villagers work on vegetable gardens, fruit fields and places where cereal foods are produced. You can join the villagers and collect some fruits in the garden like them. This activity uses horses, donkeys and tractors as vehicles. You will get to exlpore a village Turkish Farm which is stil operational. Giving you the chance to see hoe they produce everything. Villagers usually go to the field at 8. 00 am and come back in the evening. Although they became absolutely tired due to working too much they enjoy by singing local songs. You can join them and do anatolian folk dance. Dinner and overnight  in Cakir Cali. 

Day 5 : Cakircali Village - Walking Village to Village
Breakfast and Dinner Included

Today is the day to see the mountains and natural beauties of our village. Our path is on the foodpath ways and tractor ways which are used only a few times. While you have a picnic at lunch you can chat with shepherds and enjoy the natural life. During your time in the forest you will see various nuts growing which you can pick and try for yourselves they are very tasty being grown in their natural surrondings. This forest which makes you feel alive and you can see many kinds of harmless animals, especially in the summer. Some feasts are organized for Hocabeden and Yukaripinar Visiting Houses. Maybe you will join in these feasts, and have some interesting experiences. Dinner and overnight  in Cakir Cali. 


Day 6 : Cakircali Village - Walking Village to Village
Breakfast and Dinner Included

After you had an excellent tradional village breakfast you will walk to the near by villages. At these villages the clothes of people would be extremely interesting you will admire the traditional and local clothes of Elmacik Village's people. Before we go to another village we will have our lunch in one of these villages. You will feel that the villagers do not consider money and they are very humanly to the visiters. These people who are natural consider the moral values, not the money. These people offer what every goods they have if they have home made wine, raki they will bring it to you. They will bring out many different types of foods and breads fo you to try they do not expect payment but if you are happy then you can offer a small tip. Hopefully you will be satisfied beccause you will meet these people and see village life which is a different world and a part of nature. Dinner and overnight in Cakir Cali Koyu. This is the last night in this beautifull natural village so lets make tonight a good festive evening. 


Day 7 : Cakircali Village - Hattusa
Breakfast and Dinner Included

This morning we depart from our village and after breakfast we depart for Hattusa. Hattusas(Hattusa) which was the capital of Hitites. Hititians where indo-german semi European people they arrived via the black sea to north Anatolia at the beginning of 18 th century BC. They met here with local people of Hatti. They made. big civilisations in Anatolia. They were also here during the bronze age. They ruled between 18th and 12th century BC. They used horse carts as their war vehicles. which they used during thr attack of Ramses the 2nd and they had a big war with the Egyptians and they then made a peace treaty where they wrote on the clay and had 2 women sign it. That was the first peace treaty where woman ever participated. Visiting Yazilikaya which is the ruin of an open air temple of the Hitites where there are rock carvings of the Hitites god and Goddes. We then go to Hattusas, big temple and the city ruins including Gates of Lion and king. Visiting the summer palace of Hitites and driving to Alacahoyuk that was first capital of Hitites and Hatti civilization. Dinner and overnight in Hattusa. 

Day 8 : Hattusa to Ankara Airport - End of Tour
Breakfast Included

After breakfast we depart for Ankara airport. We hope your tour was a memorable one and we would like to see you in the future in one of our tours again. Have a nice trip back home and thanks for choosing us.


  • Professional English - speaking tour guides
  • All entrance fees mentioned in the itinerary
  • Transportation in a fully air - conditioned, non - smoking coach
  • Return airport transfer
  • Arrival airport transfer from Ankara airport
  • Guided tour in Amasya
  • 1 night hotel in Amasya
  • 7 dinners
  • 1 night hotel in Hattusa
  • Accommodation at village houses and boutique hotels in each area
  • 5 nights in Cakircali Koyu at traditional village house
  • 4 guided tours in Cakircali Koyu Village
  • 7 breakfasts
  • Guided tour in Hattusa


  • International flights
  • Insurance: All types
  • Turkey entry visa
  • Items of a personal nature such as alcoholic drinks, cold drinks, laundry
  • Any others expenses which are not mentioned at the included section

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