7 Day Fethiye- Olympos - Fethiye Cabin Cruise


This will be an 7-day sun-soaked adventure on a traditional Turkish wooden gulet. You will cruise along the Mediterranean with other fellow minded travellers and will get to experience a completely unique itinerary. You will get to cruise along irresistible blue waters and get to see such stunning scenery along the way – the southern coast of Turkey is so rich in history that this trip is sure to make a large impression in your memories.
Along the way, you will visit highlights that include Kekova, Kas, The Sunken City, Oludeniz and Butterfly Valley, as well as many hidden bays. There are optional activities along the way for those who want or need more adventure. You can experience paragliding, scuba diving and there is also the option to go on a trip to the ghost town of Kayakoy. This weeklong cruise has something for everyone.
This blue cruise holiday is for people aged between 18-39 only. So if you fit within this age bracket then come join us onboard a Turkish cruising experience. You will cruise out on a standard Turkish gulet that’s equipped with music system and great cabin space to share with your fellow traveller. The gulet has plenty of space for you to totally relax and unwind on the deck and make the yacht you own special home for the duration of your blue cruise. This week will leave you with one of the greatest holidays experiences of all times and you will not want to depart once the week is over.  For those who are between 18-39 and looking for fun as well as a gulet cruise experience, this blue cruise is the best option for you in Turkey. 

Day 1 : Fethiye to St Nicholas Island
Lunch and Dinner Included Arriving at the our office Fethiye for check-in at 09:00 am, we can help with directions on how to find us, you will be given information before heading to the gulet. Once onboard, you will settle into your cabins and be given a brief, departing Fethiye harbour and cruise to Butterfly Valley for swimming, lunch and an optional hike up to the waterfall. Butterfly Valley is known to be the home to over 136 different types of butterflies and moths, however in the summer months difficult to spot. Afterwards, we will visit Oludeniz beach, Europe’s most photographed beach and one of the best sites in the world to paraglide.
Tonight we will anchor at St. Nicholas Island, we arrive in time to walk up through the island's ruins and witness the amazing sunset.
Day 2 : St Nicholas Island to Kas
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Included Today we cruise to Kalkan (Aquarium Bay) for breakfast and swimming. This is a fantastic spot to put on the goggles, do some snorkelling and make the most of the crystal clear waters. We will then cruise onto Kas, a small fishing village with a charming little harbour, to enjoy lunch on the boat.
You will then have time to explore the local shops, including many handmade jewellery and clothes stores. We will spend the night in one of the secluded bays between Kas and Kekova.
Day 3 : Kas to Gokkaya Bay
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Included Today after breakfast we will cruise to the area of Kekova. First, on the list, we will discover the Sunken City, an ancient town dating back 2000 years to the Lycian period and destroyed by an earthquake. We will cruise over this protected World Heritage site, however, no swimming, diving or snorkelling is allowed in this area.
We will then cross to Simena Castle where you can walk to the top and witness a magical view over the bay, taking in the underwater Lycian Tombs and the Sunken City.
Day 4 : Gokkaya Bay to Ucagiz Village
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Included On your fourth day, you can enjoy a lazy start, resting off any sore heads from partying until the wee hours. We will dock at Ucagiz Village before lunch between 10:30 am 11:00 am. You will then have time to explore the scenic village, where you can find ancient Lycian ruins and lots of shops. The choice is yours whether you would like to do a spot of shopping or go visit ancient sites like Simena Castle.
Day 5 : Gokkaya Bay to Liman Agiz or Firnaz Bay
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Included Breakfast will be served at Yaglica Bay (or nearby) where you can enjoy some swimming. You will cruise to Kas Harbour for lunch and have time to explore and enjoy the great shopping. You will cruise onto Agiz Limani or Firnaz Bay for dinner and stay for the night.
Day 6 : Firnaz Bay or Liman Agzi to St Nicholas Island
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Included Early in the morning, we will cruise north, waking up to the beautiful views of Butterfly Valley. After breakfast, there is time for sunbaking, swimming and an optional hike up to the waterfall. We will then visit Oludinez, Europe’s most stunning beach. Swim, paraglide or for the very daring try some cliff jumping near the Blue Lagoon. We will anchor at St. Nicholas Island for the night. Grab a bottle of wine and walk up to the ruins to witness the beautiful sunset.
Day 7 : St Nicholas Island to Fethiye
Breakfast and Lunch Included In the morning we will cruise to Tarzan's Bay for breakfast, giving you the chance to have a go at the rope jump. We then head to Samanlik Bay for swimming and lunch. We will arrive at Fethiye Harbour after lunch to farewell your new friends and gulet crew.


  • Drinking water is included on this cruise
  • Meals are included for the duration of your cruise
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea and snacks
  • Linen is provided on this cabin charter
  • Port and marina fees, taxes and fuel are all included in your cabin charter package price


  • Drinks are not provided in your cabin charter package
  • You can’t not bring your drinks.
  • All drinks are sold on board
  • No towels are provided
  • Entrance fees and optional activities are not included in the cabin charter package price

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This cruise is only allowed for ages between 18 to 39.Bringing  your own drinks is not allowed on this cruise.
Your cabin charter is a non-guided tour. There is no local guide on board providing information on the sites and locations.
All efforts will be made to follow this itinerary, however, in cases of poor weather and/or sea conditions, this schedule may change.
This could include altered daily plans and overnight stops. In these situations, all efforts will be made to consult customers on alternative options, no money will be refunded.

A standard gulet is provided for this cabin charter. Some may be equipped with air conditioning, however this cruise is None-AC cruise.
Yachts are determined on your arrival. Gulet cannot be predetermined or guaranteed at time of booking.
All our yachts have yacht insurance. We advise all travelers to take out their own individual travel insurance.

All cabins have private bathrooms & and shower.
Allocation of cabins is done on site. All gulets and cabin layouts are different, cabins are not predetermined.
On these cruises, you may be roomed in a twin, double, triple or quad cabin depending on your group breakdown. If youj are a couple please notify beforehand & we will arrange a double private cabin for couples. Individuals are all shared in a twin, triple room mix gender (we will always try to match same sex first).
For individual travellers who do not want to be assigned with another passenger, single supplement cabins are available with extra cost. All cabins have private bathrooms with toilet and shower

Departing from Fethiye: There are no Hotel pick-ups available. You will need to meet in Our Office at 09.00 AM.

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